The Path Taken

We work daily for our customers to allow them to grow up; that has led us to become an important point of reference in the market for prtoduct development

Born out of a fusion of experience in mold design and in the molding of technical thermoplastics, over the last 30 years Eurotecnica has become the ideal partner with which to find innovative solutions in the automotive industry, in home heating, in the handling and dosing of chemicals and other aggressive materials, in the electrotechnical industry, and more.

The study and use of special polymers, as well as the use of polymer/metal insert molding and bi-material molding have enabled our customers to replace metal components with polymers that bring great technical and financial benefits.

Our experience in designing and producing molds, our advanced machinery both for mold production and the actual molding process, and our commitment both to research, development and process innovation and to the growth and development of all who work with us has enabled us to find technical solutions for insert-molded and other components that combine high volumes with industrial-machining levels of tolerance within a wholly automated production process.

Governing the whole is our Integrated Quality & Environment Management System that is compliant with ISO 9001:2008, ISP 14001:2004 and UL standards and is integrated with our production systems and ERP/MES platform, making Eurotecnica a Smart Factory 4.0 that stands out in the marketplace for the high standards of technology and quality we are able to achieve.

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