FLEXIBILITY is the key word to meet NEW MARKETS needs

The New Frontiers of Our Business



The know-how we have developed and the investments we have made over time have enabled us here at Eurotecnica to become experts in mold construction and in the molding of bi-component/dual-injection parts for the automotive industry. Our materials research has enabled us to provide effective, cost-efficient solutions for parts that require particular chemical and mechanical properties using thermoplastics in place of the metal traditionally used for such parts.




Household appliances


Eurotecnica’s three decades of experience in the home appliances market has enabled us to develop more modern processes and organizational systems to meet the specific needs of this industry. Our large-scale presses, which are specially configured to reduce setup times or allow for particular molding solutions, enable us to optimize the production of large-scale parts in small batches.




Eurotecnica’s experience with plastics with specific physical and mechanical characteristics and our use of dual-injection presses have enabled our customers to gradually replace metal products with thermoplastics while reducing costs and optimizing both form and function.



Elettrico / Elettronico


Electrical and electronic components call for high-quality molded parts in terms of both form and function, parts which we are able to customize using automated systems of pad printing, screen printing, and inserts.



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