Giving you the utmost in reliability


Equipment and technologies constantly evolving, ready for the future.


Optimized for your specific needs.

Quality through technology


Sophisticated sensors in our molds measure the accuracy of each and every injection (breve filmato che gira sullo schermo del pc dei sensori di pressione)

Absolute guarantee of component safety


An integrated, fully automated process of molding, welding and assembly; full testing and serialization of finished articles allows for the characteristics of each article to be tracked.

Bi-material molding and encapsulation


Automated systems to load and control inserts and automated control of the finished product ensures quality expectations are met even in large-scale production runs.


Who We Are

Our design capabilities and constant pursuit of technological innovation, together with our experience and know-how, enable us to transform every challenge into an opportunity for improvement.

Our Mission

In today’s marketplace, we all know that excellence can only be achieved through detailed planning, careful control, and consequent plan for the improvement of every single process and action.

Our Markets

  • Automotive
  • Household appliances
  • Chemicals
  • Electrical / Electronics

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