Eurotecnica 4.0

From Industry 4.0 to System 4.0

Eurotecnica has been pursuing “smart production” since 2015, beginning with the automation and integration of production and molding and including the design and production of molds.



  • The simulation of injection molding right from the design phase and on the specific IMM machines that are to be used

  • An IoT system on the production machines receives (OPC UA) digital signals and sends them to a web service where they are temporarily stored locally (in the event of an problems on the network). The main performance, efficiency and quality indicators are instantly monitored and summarized in OEE indicator and are analyzed statistically over time.

  • Dialogue between production and planning takes place by way of a shared interface that optimizes saturation and downtime for each individual machine.

  • A next-generation system for the distribution and handling of polymers and masters, integrated with our manufacturing execution system (MES) and barcode readers at key points in the process, ensures the proper use and, above all, handling treatment of each individual polymer and master used as well as the precise tracking of each box of finished products.

  • For safety components, automation of molding and assembly, full testing and the serialization of each part enables us to track the history of EACH INDIVIDUAL piece and its relevant characteristics.

  • Our Paperless Production Project has enabled us to bring 80% of the information workers need right to their screens as we pursue the objective of eliminating the use and generation of paper.

“The future starts today, not tomorrow “

Pope John Paul II

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