Molds Design & Manufactoring Division

Molds Design & Manufactoring Division

Here at Eurotecnica, we have separate mold facilities that enable the molds division to focus on this specific segment of our business.
Working in close contact with the nearby molding division allows for the feedback and continuous dialogue that are key to understanding the process of molding thermoplastics through the eyes of a designer, including for molds and processes defined for and used by our customers, providing you with a complete, automated workstation.

Our advanced machinery and equipment (incl. 3 and 5-axis milling systems, EDM machining, laser welding, lapping machines, and drillers) provide us with the technology needed to put our R&D projects into practice.
Our staff of mold designers, led by one of the company’s founders with over 40 years of experience and backed by the most modern tools of design and simulation, complete the picture and make all our advanced solutions possible.

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