The search of excellence through the ongoing growth of our people and the continuous improvement of our technologies in order to exceed customer needs
In today’s marketplace, we all know that excellence can only be achieved through detailed planning, careful control, and consequent plan for the improvement of every single process and action.

EUROTECNICA the Technology Partner

Our objectives

In today’s marketplace, we all know that excellence can only be achieved through a symbiosis of product design and process optimization.

This is why Eurotecnica technicians are able to provide services ranging from design and simulation to product and process engineering, complete with pay-back analyses of the various alternatives.
Our integration of modern tools for design and simulation, together with our co-design service, enables us to ensure that the expected results are achieved at the proper levels of cost and performance.

Our ability to design both molds and related processes, our close partnerships with experts in technical polymers and automation, and our two decades of experience in insert molding (plastic and other polymers, plastics/rubber, plastic/metal polymers) enable us here at Eurotecnica to develop products made out of technopolymers instead of metal.

Process automation and careful, direct control of production ensure that we achieve the levels of quality and efficiency that are so essential to a modern, competitive business.
The relationships we establish with our customers are based on trust, cooperation and transparency, as we constantly engage you in optimizing quality, price and service.

It is our objective to continue being an innovative company on the cutting edge of our industry, looking to the future to anticipate the needs of the marketplace.

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